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"Music is the universal language of learning. Embrace its rhythm, harmonies, and melodies, and let it guide you on a journey of endless growth and creativity."

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“Unlock the power of music with keyboard classes that will ignite your passion and nurture your talent. Discover the joy of playing melodies and creating harmonies, one key at a time.”


“Discover the art of guitar playing through expert guidance and personalized instruction. Unleash your musical potential and create soul-stirring melodies that resonate.”


“Experience the timeless beauty of the Veena through expert-led classes. Let your fingers dance across the strings, weaving melodies that evoke emotions and transport listeners to another world.”


“Unlock the enchanting melodies of the violin with our expert-led classes. Embrace the elegance of this timeless instrument and let your music soar with every bow stroke and enjoy learning with our instructors. 


“Dive into the rhythmic world of Mridangam through immersive classes. Feel the pulse of this ancient percussion instrument and unleash your inner beats, creating captivating rhythms that resonate with the soul.”


“Unleash your musical potential with piano classes that ignite your passion and unlock the keys to beautiful melodies. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for virtuosity, embark on a journey of musical expression and mastery.”

"Music has the power to touch the soul, uplift the spirit, and create everlasting memories. Let the melodies guide your heart and the rhythm ignite your passion. Explore the world of music and unlock the extraordinary within you."
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Welcome to the official website of Aishwarya Choodamani, a skilled Carnatic vocalist with over 24 years of experience. Discover Aishwarya’s inspiring musical journey, awards, and soul-stirring performances. Explore the world of Carnatic music and embark on a harmonious musical experience with Aishwarya Choodamani.

Throughout her musical journey, Aishwarya has achieved several awards and accolades, including qualifying with a First-class degree in the Higher Grade Government Music Exam. She has participated in various prestigious competitions and has won prizes for her exceptional performances. Aishwarya has also enthralled audiences with her soul-stirring concerts at significant events and venues.


Trinity London syllabus pattern for all our music 


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Saaranga Academy's online music classes are simply fantastic! The instructors are skilled and supportive, helping me improve my musical abilities. Highly recommended!
Saaranga Academy has been a blessing for my child's musical development. The online classes are engaging and tailored to their age. Grateful to Saaranga Academy
Saaranga Academy's online music classes have made learning an instrument so convenient. The instructors are patient and break down complex concepts easily. Thank you!
Saaranga Academy's online music classes have helped me expand my skills as a musician. The instructors are knowledgeable and have pushed me to new heights. Highly recommended!

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